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Music wasn’t just another option in Dustin Pittsley’s head. It was the only option. The Tulsa-based musician, 33, has been at it for nearly 20 years, and his band’s ready to release its self-titled effort. “Dustin Pittsley Band” is a collection of confident rock material with a funky, Americana twist.

The record’s official release date is Nov. 11 via Horton Records but you can stream the album highlight “Satellite” below.

“I started writing ‘Satellite’ because I didn’t know what direction to start taking the new music in,” Pittsley said in a phone interview.

“Things weren’t in a lull, but I felt like I was floating and needed to change something. That’s the basis of the song and it led to the style of the rest of the record.”

Pittsley toyed around with multiple versions of the song before it landed on the album. He said he’s eager for people to hear it. After all, it’s a culmination of his tireless dedication to creating music.

“I started playing music so along ago, it’s the only thing I’ve ever really known,” Pittsley said. “Whether I was rich or poor, it didn’t matter. It’s what I was supposed to do.”

“A collection of confident rock material with a funky, Americana twist.”News OK
Long before Pittsley set out to record at Fellowship Hall Sound in Little Rock, Ark., he cemented a lineup of musicians. Bassist Donnie Wood has been playing with Pittsley for 14 years and drummer David Teegarden has been on board for six years. Keyboardist Chris Kyle rounds out the current lineup. The crew knocked out a majority of the recording in three days.

“I love it there,” Pittsley said. “(Recording engineer) Jason Weinheimer creates a good environment for the musicians. It’s an incredible space, you feel so free and relaxed.”

If you like what you hear then you can check out Dustin Pittsley Band’s local release show for the new album 9 p.m. Saturday at Soul City of Tulsa.